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About Touch Screen POS for Restaurants

 POS [Point of Sale] systems are unquestionable requirements for the restaurant industry in today’s modern landscape. Running a trendy restaurant without the right tools is impossible. One needs to do due diligence if they are looking for the most effective and up-to-date POS hardware on the market. 

A cutting-edge POS System is a mix of equipment and programming that does significantly more than play out a trade. POS Hardware refers to input and output devices like Touch screen monitors, receipt printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc., that make the POS software function at the point of purchase. An updated system is a great way to ensure customers keep coming back. POS is not just a machine or process – it’s a combination of things that enable customer-facing transactions efficiently and streamline business processes connected with sales. Choosing the right POS helps

§ Efficient operations to save time.

§ Improve the customer experience.

§ Reduce human and admin errors

§ Improved Productivity and hence more significant ROI in the long term

Core components of a POS Hardware system

 When it comes to POS hardware, every business will have different needs. Some of the essential hardware components for Restaurants.


  1. Cost-effectiveness – Check for affordable h/w package options covering all requirements to get started.
  2. Features in the POS h/w that suit Restaurant related business.
  3. Ease of use – simple to install and operate, can be used daily without needing to refer to the manual. 
  4. Enable Business expansion – If chosen POS has restrictions wrt a limited number of outlets, there is a limit on business growth. Considerable investment is required for new options to be tried to accommodate expansion plans.
  5. Compatibility with POS s/w. – For further streamlining operations, the ease with which it integrates with pos s/w is to be considered.
  6. Brand – Choose a brand with proven and trusted credentials; decision-making is easy. 
  7. Qualified Supplier and support – The chosen Supplier should have a Product range, PAN India presence, qualified/trained pre, and post-sales service staff.
  8. Able Dealer – If buying thru a Dealer, Look for one who is Manufacturer authorized, experienced, reputed, technically qualified with good infrastructure.
  9. Good References – Users vouch for Good brands. Seek info from such users to cross-check product performance, quality of support after sales, experience with the brand, etc. 

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